First, thank for the article. A question though:

> So you delegate the animation to the next frame and cross your fingers that the view will be ready.

I believe postDelayed() doesn’t mean “perform this thing on next frame”. By reading the post I got an impression, that you claim, that postDelayed() gives us a guarantee that an action will be performed on the next frame, which I believe is not quite correct statement. Instead, it will simply add a Message to a MessageQueue . Layout inflation might also be considered as set ofMessage s that are post ed on MessageQueue . What this boils down to is following: if you are postDelay ing a Message then you have a guarantee that it will be executed *after* layout hierarchy has been laid out, which in turn means, that in the Runnable of postDelayed you have a guarantee, that the view has successfully been laid out and its sizes are able to be retrieved.

Let me know if I’m missing something.

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